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Saturday I grabbed another Queen Annes Lace for the pond and dug up a few Blackberry plants I found in a parking lot at the industrial park. These things were growing through asphalt and there was barely any soil it was all shale and rock.

  • I don't have much hope for this one.


  • Just to make sure it's a Blackberry plant I ate a few!!


  • Hopefully this one will make it. There was Blueberry plant there but it has never bloomed.




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Saturday Sam painted underneath the Bar Roof on the deck, thank you Sam , I hate painting and just couldn't do it, it took her all day, anyhow she said, "We need a new ceiling fan". So as she was painting in the 90° heat, I went down to the Air- Conditioned Mancave, popped on Netflix and ordered a new fan.


  • I Installed the ceiling fan last night and Sam loves it. I think it looks good too!



  • This fan has paid for itself, considering its not an outdoor fan and must be 10 years old, it still worked but was looking a bit nasty.




The tomatoes are starting to come off quicker and I keep chopping the basil. I actually sent a box of Basil to my wife's work for some of her co-workers.

I have one basil plant that smells a lot like anise, I am letting this go to seed to harvest the-seeds, I thought it smelled really interesting.


  • Brandywine Red left and my first Cherokee Purple.


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Nice my friend.  Looks like a lot of canning is about to take place at your house.



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July 21st, 2017 -  July 23rd, 2017
  • Brandywine red, these are doing real well this year, there is a little bit of splitting at the tops.


  • Wing nite with Stephen on the deck during a monsoon lol.



  • Starting to clear up.






  • The garden is getting near its peak and is getting a bit out of control, I really need to get in there and try to clean it up a bit.


  • I stopped at the recycle center Saturday morning and picked up some more compost then stopped over Moms and topped off her Hugelkultur bed and planted some broccoli, I also picked up another flat cut piece of wood. I needed a path in front of the new Hugelkultur beds and figured this would be nice for a few years before it rotted out, plus I save on buying mulch!



  • The Cherokee purples are doing well, I just need to pick them a tad earlier, they develop splits on the top and the ants are getting in the splits. I have been freezing the split maters and will roast them later for different things.



  • Dinner Last night, Brandywine Margherita Pizza.



  • Eggplant, Green Pepper, Black Olive, Onion, Mushroom Pizza.


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Awesome garden And love the Pizza.... Point for sure....

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July 26th, 2016

It has been a while since I have updated this page, I have been extremely busy and have had hardly any time for gardening. I'll do a quick recap.
  • Enjoying a break in the heat wave.




July 27th, 2016

  • My leek garden is doing well


  • I also can't get over the flowers, I guess they really like the drip irrigation I installed.


  • I stopped at the trailer to do some maintenance and battle some ants For dinner I enjoyed some stuffed peppers, fried eggplant, sausage, some happy juice a few beers and banana bread for dessert.




July 28th, 2017

  • Well, I found out why my Zucchini wasn't producing, nasty little B@STARDS!





July 29th, 2017
  • Started a fresh batch of Sun-Dried tomatoes


  • This is a rogue Matts Wild Cherry, the one I grew from seed died, I think. It's kinda hard to tell because it is growing like a weed. Tasty Little buggers, I think these and sweet 100's are my wife's favorites.


  • And something for dinner!






August 4th, 2017
  • Our company moved, we done the move in three days.






August 6th, 2017

  • We went on vacation to OC MD. for a week.



  • Nature always finds a way.


  • Harvested a bunch of maters and eggplant to take with us, ended up roasting most of the maters and we really enjoyed the eggplant and stuffed poblanos.





  • When we got home I unpacked and headed out to the garden to see what was going on, my neighbor had stopped in and picked some maters to head to Wildwood for a few days while we were on vacation. I marked what not to take.






  • I picked mostly tomatoes I have some poblanos and bells to pick but needed to get the maters picked right away, I ended up tossing a dozen or so. I had my better half run a bunch to the neighbors.



  • Spot the critter



  • Many moons ago, I had a butterfly bush planted next to the Butterfly House. The bush got very leggy and Gnarly so I removed it, this has to be 10 years ago. Anyhow I found this growing in the same spot, I'm pretty sure it is a Butterfly Bush. I wonder if there were some dormant seeds or something that got kicked up when I redid this garden?



  • The Rosemary is doing great.


  • Harvesting some Dill Seed, once all the heads start browning I'll cut back the dill.


  • Leek garden is doing great, hopefully I'll have plenty for some Leek Soup in September.


  • The other day I came home and noticed this plant in the center nearly died, I just thought it was done for the season, later I realized I turned off the water after I used the hose, how long ago? Who knows. Anyhow I remedied the problem.





  • The garden towers are doing as well as can be expected.


  • The pond plants are doing well, so are the Ghost peppers and Tabasco peppers, the Bee Balm has been shaded out of existence.


  • This year  I have been roasting a lot of tomatoes to freeze.


  • These were roasted near 5 hours at 275°F, down the shore I was roasting at 300° for three hours, I like the results of the latter better.


  • Dinner



August 21st, 2017

This weekend was productive, as far as gardening goes.



  • Enjoyed a bit of Rain. Best time to weed!



  • A Spice bush Swallowtail?, enjoying my vertical tower.




  • The Koi are happy and the Poblanos in the pond are producing nicely.




  • I thinned out the Hugelkultur beds and planted some Bush Beans, Broccoli and Lettuce. Thinned out the Zucchini Air pots and replanted some more Zukes, I'm going to order some BTK to try to keep the SVB off the plant.






  • The Marigolds were taking over, I thinned them out and just let a few hang over the sides.


  • Removed the Patio Princess and Sprite from the front planters and planted some Bush Beans, the Patio Princess was done producing and the sprite wasn't looking good and wasn't worth keeping.
  • Corno Di Toro Giallo






  • Ruby Red Bell Pepper





  • Some Black Beauty Eggplants



  • Harvested most of my seeds for next year.
  • Made 10 pounds of Chili, one sweet and one sweet and spicy. Roasted some tomatoes for the chili, they were mostly Black Vernisssage.





  • Harvested some Dill Seed


  • Hooked up a pond pump to my rain barrel to water the plants
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Great Pics my Friend. It is obvious that you have spent a lot of time and care on your beautiful yard and garden.

Loved all your pics, always look forward to your postings.







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I am still thinking this is a project of time and Beauty!!!! Great job....

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Thanks guys, it does get addictive.

I think I'm gonna try growing a garden on my roof next lol.


Last Nights Dinner.


Pot Roast beef, eggplant , mater sandwich with barbecue sauce and a side of Old Bay Eggplant Fries.

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