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Spent several hours picking slugs off my plants last night, I go out, pluck them for a twenty minutes or so, go back inside for an hour then go back outside and repeat the process, the damage they are doing is pretty much unbelievable.


Tried wrapping plants in copper tape and I have to call bullshit on the copper, Tried human hair too but they seemed to like that as well.


Going to keep handpicking in the evenings and mornings until the weather dries out a bit. Beer traps are working but there's just too many, most are about the size of a "Jimmies" ice cream topping and are hard to grab, Ive gotten to the point where I'm just mashing them with my fingers, little freaking bastages!


I refill the traps every evening and I ordered some "Sluggo". Talked with an exterminator and he said what I pretty much thought, IT NEEDS TO STOP RAINING!

I've never seen it so wet here and its supposed to keep up until Tuesday!