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All done. I think this one may convert me over to really liking the cold smoked salmon! Using the white pepper and the sugar maple smoke, I'm digging it!

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Outstanding...Hope it tastes as marvellous as it looks.
I anxiously await winter for my cold smoking every year.
My preference as far as salmon goes has always been cold smoking...Ive an old working fridge I'm contemplating converting to a cold smoker using a smoke generator,a small circulating fan and some sort of humidity control...There's simply not enough cold days for making the cheeses and fish...Not to mention the biltong and jerky.
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Darn Buzzard....   That looks good enough to eat...   I know I'd eat it...    




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CB, Tasty looking goodies in your smoker !

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Charlie I'll have mine with a Bagel & Cream Cheese,that is the only way I like Salmon beautifully done




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