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AWWWWWW MAN.. that really sucks... was really looking forward to seeing ya Joe... for your truck.. I'm thinking junk yard is where to start looking ...
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that sucks joe! sorry to hear about the truck and not being able to come down :/

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Dam... I was looking forward to meeting you and your apple pie :)

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Joe, really sorry to hear about the truck. Looks expensive & agree with Keith on checking the salvage yards first. A 2 WD tranny swap is not too bad of a DIY fix. Good luck with it.


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Tranny, transfer case and rear end all busted. I mean busted. Transfer case busted off the transmission casing and the drive shafr busted off the transfer case and the hogs head busted. Found a salvage truck with parts i need. We'll see, might still be able to make it depending hiw the rebuild goes
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That sucks Joe. Should be fixed by the NC Gathering?

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