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A-Maze-N pellet smoker

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I have a Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain gas smoker and have a hard time getting smoke when smoking summer sausage or jerky at 180 degrees. I have tried setting the cast iron chip pan almost on the burner but I just don't think there is enough heat to burn saw dust or pellets even dry saw dust.


I was thinking about picking up an A-Maze-N smoker to try. Has anyone used this smoker in a GOSM smoker? I figure I will have to raise the A-Maze-N above the gas ring but since I can't get pellets to smoke anyway I could probably just set the A-Maze-N on the rack used to hold the original pellet tray or even turn the rack over to get a couple extra inches of height off the gas ring.

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I don't have a GOSM, but I have a master built gasser, and use the A-Maz-N tube in mine. I did try the tray, and it wouldn't stay lit, even with the mailbox mod.

I mainly use my gasser as a cold smoke cabinet, but still use it for my SS every yr with the tube. Works great.
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I have a Cajun Injector gasser and have used the AMNPS tray twice now with no issues. I have adjustable vents on the bottom of each side near the burner. I keep them half way open so the AMNPS gets some oxygen/air flow. If you don't have vents on the bottom, the AMNPS may struggle to stay lit as the burner will use up most of the oxygen.


I placed the AMNPS tray on top of the original chip tray and on the bottom each and it worked great each time.

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Todd recommends using the tube smokers in the gas smokers. I have a wide body GOSM, and I use the tube smokers, and have one of each size. the 18" tube gets the most smoke time 8-10 hours smoking sausage and jerky. The new expando tube works good too 6-8 hours fully extended and fully loaded.


For hotter temps smokes the tubes will still work up to a pit temp of 285°. Above that the pellets will ignite and burn instead of smolder. I place mine either in the water pan or on a cast iron griddle that site right above the burner, where the chip pan would go. For hotter smokers I move the tube up to where the lowest rack can be positioned.

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Here's a few photos:



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I have two side vents as well as an opening where the burner mounts to the bottom of the unit so I should have good air flow. I just couldn't wait this morning and pushed the buy button on the tray as well as the Bayou needle valve regulator so I will give the tray a try. I wouldn't mind having a tube smoker or two to throw in the barbecue for a quick light smoke when cooking burgers and other meats.

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