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Newbie here

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Howdy from Lanark County Ontario. I'm new to this forum and to smoking as well. I've been looking around for tips and tricks for making bacon because I tried my hand at raising pigs this summer. Thought I had it all planned out then I get the meat back from the abattoir with the whole belly turned into sliced side pork. Now I'm scrambling for info. Can I still cure it to make bacon? Maybe jerky? Anyone have any ideas for me?
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Welcome to the forum!


Glad to have you with us!


If you post your question in the bacon section, I think you will get more responses.



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Hello MooseAntlers. Welcome. I am also quite new to this forum. I am not sure what sliced side pork is. But I think I'd be upset if I were expecting whole belly to cure and smoke. There is a wealth of experience in the forum. I'm betting several folks will have some suggestions for you.

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