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Pork butt on Emerald the UDS with Qview!

Poll Results: After you foil do you continue on the smoker or use the oven?

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    Yes I put it back on the smoker
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    No I use the oven
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Hi all! Been a while since I have posted, it has been a very busy summer! I originally took today off to bow hunt but being 83 degrees I passed today and decided to smoke a butt for pulled pork instead.


Picked up a 9.9 lb butt.




Rubbed it up good with my dry rub and put it in the fridge overnight.





Fired up about 10 briquets.



Into the fire basket!




A little TBS with fall scenery as a bonus! It was windy today but Emerald does not care about that!



Pulled it off @ 165 internal. Not the dark bark I usually get for some reason. It took 7 hrs to reach 165.




Right now it is foiled and in the oven finishing up. Will towel and cooler it at 200 or so internal. I usually use the oven at this point as it is no longer taking smoke. Plus it looks like a storm might be rolling in. Another good reason to not be in a tree today! I will follow up with the finished product later but enjoy for now!



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It looks great so far Bilbo!


If I'm using my offset, I will transfer the butt to the oven, so I can save the wood.


If I'm using my WSM I just put it back in the smoker, because the charcoal will usually last to the end.



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Looks great!! I am in agreement with Al.....if on my Weber Kettle, it stays there. But if I used the Oklahoma Joe, into the oven to finish.

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Looks good. If it is hot weather, I leave it in the smoker to not heat the house up. In the winter, I bring it in and use the oven.



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