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Chuck stew

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Found some choice 7 Bone chuck roast on sale for $2.49 a pound, so picked up a couple of these huge packs and thought I'd make some good hearty beef stew.  




My ingredients: 

Chuck roast (4 1/2 lbs)  

1 large onion  

5 medium turnips  (we're eating low carb, and these are much lower than potatoes!) 

A few baby carrots I needed to use up  :)

2 cans tomato paste 

4 + cups beef broth 


Started by dicing up the onion and turnips.  I didn't bother peeling the turnips, but they didn't seem to add any funky taste to the stew.



Sliced/cubed up the steaks and browned the meat and the bones in a cast iron.  In the past I've smoked the meat for about an hour to get some extra flavor, but didn't do it this time.

While I was browning the meat, I turned my grill to 375° and threw the onions and turnips in a dutch oven with a pat of butter to let them soften up a bit and get a bit of smoke.  



Once the meat was all browned, and onions had started to caramelize a bit, I poured the beef stock into the pot and deglazed the pan, then stirred in the cans of tomato paste.  (It was way too dark outside at the grill, so I brought it in to take photos.)  :)   Then I mixed in all the beef and bones, with all their juices.  



I left it on the grill (uncovered) for a couple of hours, stirring once in awhile, and added a bit more beef broth to thin it down just a bit.  


Not the prettiest picture, but it was so hearty and delicious!   Nice change of pace from the other low-carb stuff we're eating!   I would usually garnish it with some chopped parsley, but forgot to get some at the store when I bought the beef!  Really nice warming Fall stew.  


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That looks absolutely delicious!





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Looks tasty! We do 7 bone roasts all the time. Just picked up a few too and put them in the freezer for some Cream Can cooks.
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What a great dish. I love stew and yours looks marvellous!


Point for one of my favourites.



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I made stew last night as well, but it didn't look near as good as yours.
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