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First time

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Got up at 400 this morning to lose my cherry.

My gf bought a 7# pork butt yesterday. I seasoned it with olive oil, salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder. I had a hickory rub that I put on right before it went into the fridge.

I put it in around 515 at 230 degrees. I'm using apple wood.

Now I'm sitting at work and Mary is babysitting the smoker. At 1000 we were at 141 IT.

We found a mac and cheese recipe in the sides forum that sounded good so she's going to add that to the smoker later this afternoon.

But for now we wait. Impatiently. Lol
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Sounds like a great start!



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How did the butt turn out?

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It was delicious. As was the mac and cheese and the beans. I took it out at an IT of around 190 after about 13.5 hours. Very juicy I can't wait to use the smoker again.

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