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Smoking Brats

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After I smoke my brats to an internal temp of 160, do I have to grill them or pan fry them before eating them? If the answer is yes, is there a higher internal temp that would make them ready to eat without the extra step.I'm not trying to be lazy, I may not have access to a grill or stove once they were smoked.



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No you don't have to cook them before you eat them, they are fully cooked. 


But they must remain refrigerated.



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Thanks, Al.
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it all depends on the brats. If they're Johnsonville or the like, which are precooked, then no, they'll be fine. If they're homemade or storebought fresh bratwurst (pink instead of gray), then it's likely that the casings will be a tad rubbery if you don't sear them. As long as the inside hits 160° you're safe, it's just a texture thing.
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