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500 gallon tank

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I had a 500 gallon propane tank given to me that had formerly been used for a volume tank for a air compressor. What I am thinking is that yhis is larger than I need so I am going to cut the dome off one end , cut out a three foot section reeled the dome end back . Then cap both ends of the 3 foot piece for the fb . Planning on building a reverse flow smoker. I know this mite be extra work but since i have more time than money trying to save a few bucks where I can. Any comments advice or suggestion are appreciated . The cc should be about 83 inches long with a diameter of 37 inches the fb 36 inches long by 37 inches in diameter. First time build and new to this site
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Welcome to SMF!


Glad to have you aboard.


If you go to the reverse flow build section, there is a calculator at the top to help you with the sizes you need.


Good luck!



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Going to start tomorrow thought I would see if my figures looked right thanks
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You might consider welding the 2 rounded ends together after you cut off the end.  If you watch Aaron Franklins youtube video of making a propane tank smoker, you'll see a simple way to mark & cut the hole.  It would be less welding to do it that way.  Then you have a flat end for the firebox door end & a flat end for the plenum/chimney.

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Got both ends of the fb capped and tacked to the cc
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it is going to be awfully tall.  Better start working on some stairs for that beast.

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Got a little more done it is going slow not enough free time[IMG]
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Do it once and do it right.  These smokers last years so make sure it is how you want it or you will be kicking yourself each time you look at it.


You may want to brace that door so it stays flat and seal the door gaps well.


Easier to ask questions here first than spend an afternoon grinding off welds.

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I am going to trim around the door with 1/4 by 2inch strap to help seal it then brace the back of the door with angle iron to help prevent warping. I have been reading other posts for about a 6 months I have got some great info from here.
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Got some more work done today
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Couldn't work on my project for a while the past couple weeks got busy on it again , it is not done but is close enough that I built a fire in it to get an idea what I had. It took about 45 minutes to get it to 225, evertime I shut the firebox door the fire would choke down finally just left it open. It got up to 250 shut the bottom air vent less than half and it has been maintaining 235 on the firebox end and 225 on the far end. Wish I could get these temps closer but if I am aware of the difference I should be all right?
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Do you have a pic of the reverse flow plate?  So you used all the dimensions from the calculator above?

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