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500 gallon tank

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I had a 500 gallon propane tank given to me that had formerly been used for a volume tank for a air compressor. What I am thinking is that yhis is larger than I need so I am going to cut the dome off one end , cut out a three foot section reeled the dome end back . Then cap both ends of the 3 foot piece for the fb . Planning on building a reverse flow smoker. I know this mite be extra work but since i have more time than money trying to save a few bucks where I can. Any comments advice or suggestion are appreciated . The cc should be about 83 inches long with a diameter of 37 inches the fb 36 inches long by 37 inches in diameter. First time build and new to this site
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Welcome to SMF!


Glad to have you aboard.


If you go to the reverse flow build section, there is a calculator at the top to help you with the sizes you need.




Good luck!



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Going to start tomorrow thought I would see if my figures looked right thanks
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You might consider welding the 2 rounded ends together after you cut off the end.  If you watch Aaron Franklins youtube video of making a propane tank smoker, you'll see a simple way to mark & cut the hole.  It would be less welding to do it that way.  Then you have a flat end for the firebox door end & a flat end for the plenum/chimney.

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Got both ends of the fb capped and tacked to the cc
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it is going to be awfully tall.  Better start working on some stairs for that beast.

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