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Game Day Ribs!!!

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Well, it's football Sunday around the country, and every smoking football fan went to bed last night with a cook plan for today. This fan woke up late with the plan of 3 racks of baby-backs...

Only about an hour late, but here they are on at 8am and kick-off's at 1... 2-2-1 and foil it is.... really didn't want to do the foil, but oh well, maybe I'll skip that last cocktail next time!

Cooking on a Vision's egg, temp holding steady at 242*, and using big hunk of cherry to smoke them up! I'll keep you posted...
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Good start!



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Didn't keep us posted, I guess they were terrible (sarcasm of course).

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Yeah, sorry, had to get them sauced, and then packed up and off to our tailgate party... ribs came off at 12:45 and had to make it across town still... they were OK, right chew and tug, but seemed a little dry for me, everyone at the party loved them, but I'm picky since I know what I can produce. They were rushed a little, and came out of the freezer, not sure if that was the reason, but it's my story and I sticking with it! Happy smoking!
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