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Hail, from the upcoming state of Jefferson!

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     Glad to have found this forum.  Been a fan of BBQ all my life, started with what is now called a UDS smoker.  We just called it a barrel.  But have progressed to making sausage, the last few months, just to change things up and keep the hobby interesting. A fishing buddy got me started, by bringing some bulk sausage he made, and it took off from there.  Got a grinder for our KitchenAid, and the stuffer too.  Wife and I dove in, using that stuffer on the Kitchen Aid, took us ALL day to do 4 dozen.  May have given up right there, but, my son in law as over that day, and he had a 3500 watt grinder, and a 15lb horizontal stuffer, I could use for as long as I wanted. So, I give him a few out of every batch. Works out great.


The biggest problem I've yet to overcome, is chewy casings.  I read the excellent tutorial in the Sausage Sticky, and am hoping that will be the end of that probelm.  I thought it had to do with not hanging them long enough.  Live and learn.  Future questions, and I have a couple, will be posed in the sausage forum, after I do a few nights reading.  I suspect they are questions that have been  asked before.

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Welcome to the forum!  Lots of info and experience to be found here.



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Welcome aboard!


Glad to have you with us!



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   Thanks, look forward to participating in this site, and learning a trick or 2.  Quick question, when posting pic's, what size should we use?  640X480? 1 meg?


Thank you!

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Welcome to SMF Steve.


The forum auto sizes based on your choice when you upload: small, medium or large.


A dialog box will popup when you upload and lets you choose.


Have fun!

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