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First brisket with OFB

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It's a beautiful morning to start a brisket, about 45° out here in Baltimore
Using Black Diamond Charwood I found at Ace Hardware for the first time.
Woke up at 5, seasoned a 5.8 lb flat, got the fire going (took 2.5 chimneys to get up to 225), in the Char-Griller at 6. Threw a few handful of dry Char-Broil whiskey wood chips (whatever they are) on the fire for some smoke.
Started a fire in the fire pit with oak to add to the firebox as necessary
IT at 110° at 7am
Will update throughout the day. Shooting to serve around 3pm
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Sounds like a perfect day to smoke a brisket!



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160° IT at 8:15 am. Too fast?
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Just before 9 a.m.- started a chimney
IT 170°
grill temp 175
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It's 10a.m.and my IT is 203° already despite the fact that my temp gauges say the grill temp is 190 on one side and 200 on the other, although they were closer to 225 for a while.

I feel like this is way too fast.

Should I take it out of the foil?

Should I take it off?
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10:10- toothpick test good in some spots, not add good in others. out of foil, back in smoker to hopefully get some better bark
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If your pit temp is reading 190 & 200 it would be impossible for the meat to be at 203. Also the fact that your brisket is cooking so fast indicates that your pit temp is higher than your therms are reading. If I had to guess I'd say your pit therms are not accurate. Have you tested them or used an independent therm that has been tested on the cookeing grate to verify the pit temps?
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Yeah, first time with these new pit therms. After I took the meat off, I put the remote therm back in (through a small piece of wood with a hole so it doesn't touch the grate). It's reading about 25° higher than the pit terms. But that means the pit temp during most of the smoke was actually between 200 and 250, which is right where I wanted to be. Still seems fast.
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Turned out pretty good. Pull apart tender in some spots, a little less so in others. Decent moisture, probably would have been more so if I left it in the foil, but I did get a nice bark.
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Nice looking cow there for the first go. Id eat it. Great job. icon14.gif
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