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Soggy casings on meat sticks. HELP!!!!

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I have made meat sticks several times, with 7-8 different flavors and they all get rave reviews from family and friends. I usually make 10-20 lbs at a time. I feel that if Im going to get the stuffer dirty, the clean up is the same for 5 lbs or 20.

I have the stuffing and the cooking down perfectly ( I think)


Here is my process. Ill try to be as descript as possible as to not leave any questions.


Usually 50/50 mix lean ground beef and lean ground pork.

Stuffed into standard Collagen casings. Let sit overnight for cure to do its thing.

Into the Smoke Vault at 140F for 1.5 hours ish, then bumped up 10F every hour until 170F then let the IT come to 156.


Remove from the smoker and allow to bloom on the counter overnight.

At this point the casings are wrinkled, snappy and perfect, like they should be.


Here is where I have questions.


I portion them out into  FS bags or freezing. Also I leave a good number from the freezer and put into the fridge.

This is where I have issues.

I find that in the fridge, the casings become soggy, like a used condom. You bite into it and the meat comes out and sometimes the casing is remaining. Its all chewy. It is easily peeled off the stick which is what most do, but its not right. The snap is gone.

I have the same issue with ones that come out of the freezer. I let them temper on the counter or in the fridge in the FS bag and they are all sogged out when I open the bag.


Is my problem that I make too many at a time and having to store them is my issue? I like having several flavors in storage so If I want or crave a certain one I can have it.

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Too much water added to the meat and not enough fat


My 2 cents

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