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North Coast Fish/Oysters/Steaks

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Loving the snappers--------------


Catching some beautys.   


Who is paying to much for meat????


COSTCO is killing at Prime @ 7.99 lb------------(Not choice--ok)  Top end restaurant grain fed------35-40 bucks a plate!  8 0z1


Stagnaros----always the best for the fish -----under 20.00  for grade A Tuna (Sashimi grade).



I am Santa Cruz.

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Hello and  :welcome1:  to you.

Sounds like you're having a good time.

When you smoke 'em pictures are good things.



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I agree

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You are Santa Cruz or are you in Santa Cruz?

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I am in Santa Cruz.  Where are you from?

I apologize  for the late reply, had another call.


Are you in Santa Cruz?



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Yes I am----leads on some fresh fish sir?


Thanks, John

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Santa Cruz on East Cliff drive.

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Ahhhh, in Santa Cruz.  Welcome to SMF.

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