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Turkey carcass terrine

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Smoked a 15lbs turkey for the Canadian Thanksgiving.

As usual I removed meat from the carcass while still warm and vacpac for freezing.

Instead of saving the bones for soup I decided to try a terrine. I am on a terrine streak.

I left some meat on bones here and there. Got a big pot full.

Whole pepper and juniper berries

Bay leaves

Whole cloves of garlic not pictured.

Cooked for about 3.5h, topped up the water a few times. Ended up with little than 1L liquid.

Will see tonight if it holds together.
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I'm in!





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I'll watch this one!  I see jello happening.

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Here it is

Used the 4 pickles I had in the fridge for some contrast. They feel nice "embedded" in the terrine.

Great way to get the good stuff from the bones without taking a lot of space with a pot of soup.

Will do this again with bony leftovers. Thinking lamb....
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Served with pickled pimento peppers (homemade)
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Oooh, very nice!   Thank you for sharing that!

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Is not as stiff as pork based jelly. But in thick slices holds up well.
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Interesting,but I'll stick to my turkey leftovers in gravy over rice.
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This is made from the bones after picking meat (without going nazi on it). You can have your cake and eat it too.
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Looks good!

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Normally, I would take the stuffing out and throw away the bird. Obviously I don't care for turkey.


But.....yours is a dish that I would certainly try.


Looks good!


Good luck and good smoking.

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This is brilliant and must be tried. Points for the idea!



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