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Fall cheese smoke

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Temps dropping time to do some smoked cheese, friends are waiting.  Smoked Sharp Cheddar, Pepper Jack and some Colby Jack.

use cherry pellets and my A-Maze-N smoker, Temp at 55,  Smoked for 4 hours. Vac. Pack cheese, Put in fridge for 2 weeks. 

Now the hardest part, wait for at least 2 weeks.  Then share.



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Looks yummy. As you say, the hard part will be the wait now!

How do you like the chamber vacuum sealer? It seems like they're expensive, but you'd save a lot on the bags over time and be able to do wet items.

Tabbed in.
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That's a mess of cheese!


I like the vacmaster!



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If your going to take the time, why not do it in volume. that makes my buddies happy.

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The waiting is truly the hardest part!


Like right now, I'm watching quite a few of you smoke cheese and I'm WAITING for my temps to start getting fall like...  Gonna be 90° again today...


Looks like you'll have some happy friends soon!

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The weather has been varying here. Just when I have a day or two off to do some smoking, it has warmed up again.

I hate to complain, though. Soon enough it will be snowing and we'll be griping about that!

I think I'll make a big batch of nuts since I do them hot.

Tabbed in.
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That looks like a good start to building a nice batch of cheese stock.... I also like the vac master,,


A full smoker is a happy smoker = POINTS 


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