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Butt to buns ratio

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Any buddy got a rough idea of how many buns to get per bone in shoulder for p.p? Thankse1ed686e26278c321055df6ccd12fe9d.jpg

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I usually just figure 1/2lb raw meat per sandwich. so if its 10lbs I get about 20 buns.
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What bmudd said, although you might be hard pressed to get 8 oz. of shredded meat on some buns, plus onion, plus pickles, plus....  But as inexpensive as buns are, it's really insignificant if you have more than less.  My $0.02.

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Yes Bmudd has you covered.

I serve 1/3 pound cooked meat in sandwees when I'm doing the serving. Meat in one half of the bun scoop of slaw on the other let people sauce if they want. Scoop of beans and a scoop of tater salad, send them in their way to the table.
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Sounds good thanks guys, I normally just go buy a crap load for my party and never really paid attention.

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