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Some wee fatties!

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Saw a thread from Jay Porter asking about mini-fatties a few weeks ago, and thought I'd post some pics of the ones we did this weekend! 

This was sort of by accident... I was going to cook some bacon and reserve the rest of the pack for a couple of regular sized fatties, but wasn't thinking and cut all the bacon in half to fit in the pan.   Realized my mistake when I went to lay out the strips for our fatties. 


D'oh! What's a girl to do....  Bingo!  Bite sized fatties! :)  


Did three little half strips of bacon, and spread out some hot pork sausage. 



Next, added a spread of cream cheese and spinach (I rationalized that if the fattie has vegetables in it, it's practically a health food, right?) 



Then I put a couple of candied jalapenos inside for some sweetness and heat. 



Rolled them up (I ended up with about 2 dozen total!)  I also sprinkled the outside with a bit of jalapeno rub. 



And onto the grill!  They turned out perfect for breakfast sized bites-- 1 or 2 fills you up pretty good!  This picture is on a 6" salad plate, for size reference. :) 


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Holy cow!


You are on a roll!


I just saw your taco thread, then this!


I just had to give you a point!



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Looks like a tasty little morsel of goodness!
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SK, NIce idea !

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Thanks everyone-- they're just perfect for breakfasts on the run.  Next batch I'll get the bacon just a bit crispier on the outside.  


We did the candied jalapenos awhile back, using splenda instead of sugar.  Dang they are good, but they pack a decent amount of heat too.  

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Tasty looking mini fatties!
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I gotta say--those look good.

Only problem is I usually have trouble getting all the goodies inside a BIG fatty. I'd really have to slap myself along side the head before trying a mini. LOL

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This may be an alternative to ABTs as a "side".
Breakfast? I don't think so 😊

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Looks great! I do these for appys from time to time. Points!

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Wow! Those sound good. I have not yet made fatties, how long on the grill?
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Originally Posted by REMSR View Post

Wow! Those sound good. I have not yet made fatties, how long on the grill?


Hey Randy-- I smoked them for about half an hour, then turned the temp up to 350° to finish them off.  I think it was about 45-60 minutes at 350 till they reached 160 internal temp... I don't pay as much attention to time as I do final temperature, but an hour would be a good guess. :)

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Thank you.


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Fantastic fatties! Point for the Kat!



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