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Great place to vent smoke

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Thanks for the nice welcome.  I am in the Midwest and have been smoking for a few years now.  Hopefully getting better and better every time but I'm sure you all know how that statement goes.  I started with a upright LP smoker, then a horizontal barrel with firebox, now graduated to a homemade job that is electric.  still working out the kinks but I'm happy with balanced heat and consistency I am getting from being electric.  Knowing there are trade offs, I need to keep making small changes.  I have done trout, salmon, butts, roasts, turkeys, "twice" smoked hams, briskets, ribs, sausage, etc.   I also have a list of the things I have wrecked.... I call them the "things I did that I learned from."


What brought me here was my contemplating with switching over to pellets Vs. chips.  what to buy, what not to.  I use chucks now and have been a apple, hickory, cherry, pecan fan.  I have been reading about pro and cons.  I need to continue research or just pull the trigger and try it out.


Anyway, I have read some great stuff so far and hope to either learn more or help advise.  It seems stories about failures help teach the best!!

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Hello and welcome to you.

Glad you decided to hang out with us

on this great site.

Pictures of your smoker and your smokes are good things.

Have fun.



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Welcome to SMF!


Glad to have you aboard!



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