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Anyone have a good place to order bulk spices at a good rate. I thought i saw someone post the other day about a site but i cant find any recent posts with links. Anynhelp on this would be appreciated...smokin ain't easy but it sure is fun
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A local organization here that makes BBQ rubs and such rents the same commercial kitchen I do and they've told me that they buy from American Spice.


Not the cheapest out there, but they will sell to individuals that don't need 20 pounds of something...

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There are a couple of online vendors, PS Spices comes to mind. Butcher & Packer, etc....    Depending on where you live, you may have a Savory Spice Shop near you.  They sell individual spices and will also custom blend something for you (and have a lot of stock blends on hand).  I guess it depends on how much you are wanting to buy as to which vendor works best.


This is just part of the display at the Savory Spice in Atlanta which is not far from my office.



This is their Paprika selection.  The items I have bought from them were reasonably priced, and very fresh.  They sell small quantities and you can taste test any spice they have before purchase (the small bottles with the red sticker on the top edge).  Actually a neat concept.  And the few items they don't stock locally can be delivered to the store at request.  For local, they are my favorite place to shop.  However I do buy a good bit from B&P online also depending on what I'm looking for.


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I bought from American, stuff was ok. My Spice Sage is really good an frequently has deals...JJ 

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