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Another First Brisket thread

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Hey guys, I know this forum is already full of first briskets, but I felt compelled to add mine. Just finished dinner.


12lb. Beef Brisket in a 30" MES (If the beef had been ANY bigger, it would not have fit in the smoker.)

I used the Jack Daniels Beef Rub, but I didn't think it had enough salt so I augmented it with some kosher.


Let it smoke at 235° until it hit the stall at 163°. Then upped the heat to 255° until it hit 175° and finished it off at 235°.

Pulled it at 193° and wrapped in foil and let it rest.


Also, I thought using 2 thermometers would help me get a better idea when to pull it. Turns out, the built-in probe on my MES failed during the smoke. Thankfully, I had the other to fall back on.





Am I just kidding myself, or is that the beginning of a smoke ring?



Just thought I'd share.

It was tender and moist and delicious.

It was also enough to feed 25 people, or so. (I was smoking it for just 4...)

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Looks yummy!  And yes, that IS the hint of a smoke ring.  Congrats on the successful smoke!

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Looks mighty fine!!

:points:for your first brisket!!!

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This board was built upon firsts and most all of us love to see first time creations!


Your brisket turned out really good it looks like.  As for the probe on the MES, it's probably not real accurate anyway.  The best way to test a brisket for being done is how well that probe slides in.  When it goes in like a hot knife into butter, you're there.


Yes, the smoke ring had begun.


Points for your first!

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Great job on your first brisket.


It sure looks a lot better than the first one I smoked.


Point to you sir!



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Looks great, sounds like you'll have some leftovers for a while - Yum!

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