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40" MES 20070311 Part ID Needed!

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I have a 40" MES that wouldnt heat up. Changed the element, still no heat. I took the back off and the silver box mounted about 2/3rds of the way up the back. Its seems this connection is the problem, but i dont know what the part is to order a new one. Can anyone point me in the right direction (see picture). Thanks so much in advance!

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You said you "changed the element", soooo , WHY do you need a "part #" ????


Make sure unit is unplugged, and pull leads off of element.


Clean the element contacts w steel wool,Scothbrite pad, fine sandpaper,or similar.


Check the element w a VOM (ohms function) for continuity.


Check your meter for being OK by touching it's own leads together, the needle will basically generally go ALL the way to the right, boucing around a bit you will see due to how firmly they are touching each other.


Google " VOM ohms"  usage.


Make sure your leads like DIG IN to make good contact w the element leads.


You will most probably see the needle of the meter bouncing around, not necessarily always all the way to the right, ( 0)" Ohms)


But any bouncing toward the right, as opposed to NO reaction, means your element is fine.


I's either TOTALLY fine, (even if the needle bounces alll over, because that is totally due to the quality of contact you have with your probes) OR --- Totally burned "open" evidenced if your meter needle NEVER moves to the right..


There will be NO "kinda ok kinda not" possibility.




If you need help with that, let us know in this thread.


You can buy an analog VOM at Lowes (specifically) for about $13., it will be useful in the future for a large variety of troubleshooting many different things.


OR ----- Something like this, whatevers more convenient for you to get------------


"Digital" has overall all told NOOOO advantage for anything average person would ever do.


You will highest probability find the element is totally fine.


AND, unless the Garbage Man already took your old one (you said you "replaced) check THAT one also.


Most times, the problem is the connection that needs to be cleaned up and re done, plenty of info here if you search.


It can be other problems, (still not heat with tested OK element) but thats down the road after this is checked.






Also, somebody will chime in soon directing you to a post about this.


And, I put alot of time into this  post to help you.


KEEP communicating here.  

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If I misunderstood you, let me kow.


I am not easily offended.


We are all here to help and learn.


Be assured, You ARE in the best place on the internet to ask this      Marc

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My only comment is per the pic, there is a female connector that obviously needs to be replaced. 

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Apologies, I should have been more detailed in my first post. So, my MES stopped heating all of a sudden. I called Masterbuilt and they said it was most likely the element. I tested the existing element for resistance and it seemed fine (steady at around 12 ohms), but they seemed to think it was still worth trying a new one. I installed the new one and still no heat. I decided to take the back off the unit (drilled out the rivets etc) and check all the other connectors. Everything looked fine. About halfway up the unit is a silver box that is held on with two screws from inside the smoker. It could be the thermostat or a switch for the element power (the black cables that run to the element seem to pass through it). When i took the silver box off, what was revealed is in the picture in my original picture. I was wondering if someone could identify the part in the picture so I could order a new one. Thanks for your post!

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OK, so you have a VOM, very good.


The company was uneducatedly shooting into the dark when they told you a new element after you told them it rang out.


That component in question, appears best I can see from the photo, is a Klixon thermal switch, probably for the explicit purpose of opening the ckt should any overtwemp conditions occur.


Stuck on tstat, maybe fire in chamber, etc. type of cause.


Often referred to as a "high limit" or something like that.


Google "Klixon" images, pretty sure you'll see it.


You can check it for continuity  w your Ohms function.


Remove leads, should be closed-  If open, that's your problem.


It should always be "closed" unless it's past it's temp limiting protective level.


They auto reset, NOT a one time fuse..


They are VERY common in many electrical items, especially stuff that heats, like furnaces.


TEMPORARiLY --  Jumper it out of the ckt, and turn on smoker.


You will probably find it now heats !!!!!!


Although Masterbuilt may have them, they are NOT at all a MES proprietary part.


They are VERY widely available, as you will see on the net.


Main variable is the cutoff temp.



SO, FIRST ----  Jumper around it and confirm smoker works.


THEN, if it does, remove the Klixon and go from there.


I really wish we had a MES wiring diagram.


____Because ----   , there is ALSO, somewhere in that smoker, a piece acting as a thermostat, to turn element on and off during NORMAL operation.


AND, I DON'T know if that piece looks the same as this or not.


But both would be mounted against the inside steel to best feel the interior temp..


But ya, 99% thats whats goin on.   


Keep us posted.    Marc


Example -



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