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Cold Smoked Reverse Seared Ribeyes

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I am really loving my new AMNPS so I decided to give it a go with some Ribeyes.

I took them straight from the fridge and gave them a sprinkling of kosher salt and put them straight in the smoker unplugged. I added a pan of ice to help keep the temperature from rising too fast.

Filled one row of the AMNPS with Hickory, it fit perfectly on the bottom left next to the air vents. It's almost like it was meant to be!

Temp stayed around 72, outside was 90 so I guess the ice helped. After about an hour and a half I pulled them out. Got my grill on full which put it over 550.

Melted some butter and brushed the steaks down and lightly sprinkled on some Jack Daniels Steak seasoning.

Slapped them on the grill for a minute and a half then rotated to get that nice crosshatch for another minute. Flipped them over and repeat. I never did check temp on them since they weren't really thick.

After pulling them I tented them for 10 minutes.

They turned out amazing, I will be doing my steaks this way from now on.

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That's definitely a point worthy steak!


Nice job!



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