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New smoker

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Hey guys, so, I was smoking a pork butt yesterday and pretty sure I've ruined the cheap green (the REALLY cheap smoker) and I'm shopping for a new smoker. I've pretty much made up my mind to go with a Weber Smoky Mountain. I'm trying to decide what size to get. Is the 22" really worth the extra $100 vs the 18"? I plan to do a fairly big Turkey for thanksgiving this year (15 ish pounds). Will the 18" accommodate a 15 lb turkey or should I go with the 22"?
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Bigger is ALWAYS better. A 15# bird will fit on an 18", but will do better on a 22" because you can spatchcock it and it will turn better. I had a 22" at one time and it was great.

Good luck in your new WSM. Joe.grilling_smilie.gif
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I would definitely go with the 22.5.


You will be glad you have the extra space.



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