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New at smoking

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Hello all from Maryland. My kids back in the spring bought me a new Weber Smokey Mountain 18 inch smoker that I just started smoking meats on. I'm not used to smoking meats but all I can tell you is that since I've started I can't stop smoking. I am definitely a novice at this but started to cook ribs, chicken wings, and a pork shoulder and although I have made a few mistakes but am beginning to fine-tune my cooking by reviewing different recipes on line. I am hoping that in joining this formum that I can get some great suggestions to enhance and smoke meats for my friends and family that I can be very proud of. I am originally from South Carolina and my son and I just started to hunt up here in the mid Atlantic. I can't wait to smoke some geese that we recently shot but I really have no idea how to smoke something like that or even if it is feasible. So for now I just introduced myself and can't wait to start going through this formum and finding great hints and tips about how to cook these wonderful meats.
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It is an addictive "hobby" for sure.

As far as smoking birds you definitely want to use a more mild wood like pecan or cherry, and even apple. I like to use apple when I smoke a bird. I also go a little higher on the Temps too, around 275 to firm up the skin a bit.
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Welcome to SMF!


Glad to have you aboard!


That WSM 18.5 is a great smoker.


A lot of guys on here use them, me included!



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Thanks Al now about to use the site a lot
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