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Bacon Wrapped Loin

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Recently I had around 80 to 90 people to feed. I split pork loins down the middle and then wrapped them in home cured slab bacon with an herbal seasoning between the two. I was fortunate enough to have access to a dream of a backwoods clone smoker and the results were amazing. After around ten hours the belly had rendered quite a bit of drippings and the loin in the middle was perfectly moist. Sliced it up into 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch steaks, panned it all up and covered it with a rosemary brown butter with shallots.


Sorry that I didn't take more pictures.

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Sounds like a successful smoke! Great job!
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Looks great,bacon wrapped sausage works well to. What type of sausage was on there? What temp did you run ten hours just seems like a long smoke.
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Sausage was some "cajun" big lot store sausage. It went on for a couple hours or so and was pretty good if you like things spicy. Them temps held at around 215 to 220. The original intent was to deep fry them after the smoke to get more of a fried bacon feel on the outside. The smoker held the temps so well that we just let them go. There was plenty of fat surrounding everything to keep the loin moist and tender.

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