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not a newb but I've so much yet to learn

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Howdy, folks. I'm located in Manassas, VA, but grew up in northeastern PA where my grandfather introduced me to grilling & smoking meat when I was a child. He also taught me how to make sausage & kielbasa from scratch. As an 80s kid, we went from a $10 tabletop charcoal grill from K-Mart to a $100 gas grill that wouldn't light no matter how many times you pressed the you looked @ the dangling beer can for grease capture wondering, "How long's that gonna stay there......let alone capture anything?"  Anywho, my fiance' introduced me to a 22" Weber kettle grill & a Weber chimney starter. I foolishly used to extinguish each fire with the hose, but quickly learned to stop that. Months later, I bought a 2nd 22' Weber kettle for more capacity, & learned the benefit of using firebricks for better heat stability & retention. Years later, I blew the wad on a Weber 22' Smokey Mountain Cooker because the 18" model seemed like a tease; & I wasn't able to build a U.D.S. as hoped. Weeks later, I bought a Lodge Sportsman cast iron hibachi for searing meat & cooking small jobs. I absolutely love cooking with cast iron. I got loads of Lodge cookware.


Anyway, I've made LOADS of chicken, pork, turkey, pizza, calzone, stromboli, & etc on my grills & smoker. I'm a big believer in brining, too. Very interested in cooking solely with wood or very little charcoal & mostly wood.I'd be grateful if anyone has any suggestions for wood burning grills/smokers. I'd also be very interested in cooking professionally seeing that I don't find any of this to be work. Looking forward to any input any of you have to offer. I'll share whatever pics & knowledge I have. Hopefully, it'll help someone. Thank you.

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Welcome JJcreole.  Since I am a Weber fan too, sorry about the late response.  Just saw this today.  Welcome to SMF!  With all your experience I am looking forward to seeing you around the Forum. 


Have fun!



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Welcome to the forum!


Glad to have you aboard!


Looking forward to seeing some of your smokes!



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