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One other question for everyone.  Since this will be a practice run and my first smoked turkey, I thought I might try a few different things on the same turkey just to see what we prefer.  I plan on spatching it and I would like to try a different rub on each side of the turkey and maybe inject one side and not the other.  Has anyone done this, or is there any reason why I shouldn't try this?  Should I actually cut the turkey in half to do this?

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I have done that several times with spatched birds. Usually one side spicy and one side not. No need to half the bird.
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I tried different rubs on a recent smoke of two tri-tips and found that I could taste very little difference between the two pieces of meat, each coated with a different rub and then cooked at the same time in the same smoker.


Here is my post on the subject:


Here's the rub: tale of two tri-tips


I'll be really interested to hear the results of your using different rubs on turkey. I'm betting that, like my experience, there will be very little difference, but you never know until you try it yourself.

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I have done a few birds with different rubs. I found that if the rubs are completely different then you can tell a difference. Awhile back I found a rub on amazingrib called the Simon and Garfunkel rub. My wife loves it. Whenever I do birds (grilled or smoked) I have to have that on some of it. It's a lot different than your normal rubs IMO. I have adjusted it for our taste just slightly.
Me, I like more "aggressive" flavors so when I do poultry I use rubs similar to beef/pork rubs. More pepper, mustard, onion, garlic in them. Totally different than the S&G rub.
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I just smoked a 14 lb bird last weekend. Spatchcocked, brined and injected. I make the start of the gravy with the cut-offs from spatchcocking. I also cut off part of the wings and throw that in the pot with celery, onions and seasonings, cover with water and cook for 3-4 hours. While the turkey brines overnight, the gravy goes in the fridge so I can separate the fat. I re-melt the fat with some of the now gelatinized gravy and use that for my injection right before throwing it in the smoker. 3 hours at 275 and to an IT of 150-155 in the breast and let it rest for a 1/2 hour to finish up.

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Thanks, everyone, for your input.  I plan on doing one side with a SPOG rub and the other with a spicier or hotter rub.  I don't plan to brine it, but I may inject one side of it to see how that makes a difference.  I had said I would use apple wood for the smoke, but I may use a mixture of apple and pecan for it. 

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