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Smoked a couple slabs of ribs...

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Did an in-chamber smoke last week.  The ribs turned out AMAZING.  I will not be using any water pans in the next smoke because the lower rack wasn't as tender because of the 30 degree difference in temp.  When the water evaporated the all four zones were exactly the same temp.  The smoke box will be done in a few weeks, then on to true offset smoking!  Going to add a third rack to the smoker and a chimney later on.


Has anyone tried the 3-2-1 method with pans instead of foil?  The picture of the covered pans is before they initially got into the smoker.  I want to try the 3-2-1 method with the sabs going back into the pans for two hours instead of individually wrapped in foil.  Wrapping 60+ slabs of ribs would take a lot of time and foil.

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The ribs look fantastic!


I have used pans for the foiling stage, they work quite well.



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Thanks Al!

I was worried that the rub would come off. Just put the juice in the pan then? I was going to lightly spray them down before they went in the pan. I was also considering just spraying them down every hour instead of doing the two hours in a pan. The smoker get back up to temp pretty quickly.
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That's a lot of ribs! Looks great!
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I prefer to not foil ribs and let them run straight through. No spritzing, no foil, no mopping, no sauce! Just good ol meat and SPOG!

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Tasty looking load of ribs!
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Al, I have usually wrapped my ribs for the 2nd few hours with honey and brown sugar - meat side down.

If I use a foil pan would I do it just the same? Brown sugar and honey on the bottom; meat side down and then cover tightly with foil?


Always trying to learn................

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