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Turkey on a gas grill? Help!

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So, Thanksgiving is at my sister's house and I'm in charge of the turkey. I've had great success spatchcocking and smoking on my WSM, but my sis only has a gas grill (From Lowes: Char-broil Advantage 3 burner). 


I guess I have two questions:


1. Should I give up on smoking this year?

2. If this is doable and reliable, what tips do you all have?



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Can't give specifics unless you take a therm and test the grill but...In general, lighting one burner and putting the bird on the opposite side, indirect heat, will easily get it done. You can expect temps in the high 200's to low 300's. A Pellet tube or foil pouch of chips will make all the smoke you need. There is also Do Ahead...I cooked off 2 20lbs birds, sliced and shingled the meat in pans. You can add about 1/2" broth or a healthy dose of Gravy and cover in foil. I used Gravy. Took all to my Brother's house, about 30-40 minutes at 325 and we were eating. Just get it hot without further cooking, 160°F...JJ

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​Do an internet search for There is a step by step process for smoking a turkey on a gas grill.I did it once a few years back before I got a dedicated smoker. It worked as advertised but it was sort of a PITA. There is enough time for you to do a practice run before the big day.  Good luck and let us know how it goes.


Jerry S.

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What a good idea, Jimmy! We're a plane ride away, so that wouldn't quite work. Also, I'm  kind of Thanksgiving purest. I like cooking it on the day. Love that outside the box thinking though :)

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Jerry, that site is so detailed. Thanks!  

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Originally Posted by hoffmaba View Post

Jerry, that site is so detailed. Thanks!  

Pack a good thermo probe to monitor the cooking chamber, and the bird when you put it ib.I can bake Cobblers ,Corn Bread and probably any thing I want, doing that. Set the CC probe let it preheat and use it like an oven. Good luck post it up when you do it


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