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PP for 25 First Time

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Any advice appreciated. Next weekend I have volunteered to have PP sandwiches for a meeting of about 25 fellow blacksmiths. 


My plan is to have the butts (2 or 3) smoked and pulled by Friday night. What I'm not sure about is the best way to rewarm for lunch on Sat. I have read here often a cook pot is used. Problem with the crock pot is we have only 1 receptacle at the site and it is often used for other things. My other options are finish the discada I have started but never used or use this nice pan a friend gave me yesterday on my Weber kettle. Or I could use the big pan on the propane burner.


I kinda want to use the pan on the Weber but I have no plan for controlling how hot things might get since the lid won't go on over the kettle. 

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That a nice looking pan. I'd use the pan on the propane burner,some liquid and finishing sauce.
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Thanks b-one. I guess that would be the best choice. 


I'm kinda concerned about safety too. In our local area recently a large number of people were sent to the ER by a PP incident. Story I heard was the meat came from a local grocery store event where there was a smoker set up. The problem came from the cook putting the meat in a crock pot too long on warm and the temp wasn't high enough. I should be able to make it sizzle in the big pan.

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Above plus cover with foil to hold moisture so nothing burns. IT of 165 or higher is the goal. Go three Butts and at least 2 Buns per...We are talking Growing Boys here. :biggrin:...JJ

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Thanks, Chef Jimmy J, will do.

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Thanks for the help and suggestions, It all turned out great!  PP on Sat. and Hotdogs on Sunday.



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