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The many meals of brisket

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I picked up a 14lbs packer brisket at RD and decided to get as much out of it as possible. I cut it into three pieces, the point, and two portions of flat. I rubbed the point and one half of the flat with a blend of standard BBQ rubs that I use, and the other half of the flat in salt and pepper.

I fired up the smoker with nearly all wood and got a very heavy smoke going, then put all three pieces in. After about an hour, I pulled the salt and pepper flat, sliced it thinly, and tossed it in a garlic heavy marinade (we went to the garlic festival yesterday). In about 4 hours, I'll toss it into the dehydrator to make jerky. 


I took all of the fat from the brisket, and while I was waiting for the smoker to come to temp, I cut it into small cubes, and put it on the stove to render. I'll filter it when it finishes, and use some to make dog treats, and save the rest for meals that need beef tallow later. 


I'll remove the point a bit early, cube it, and return half of it to the smoker to make burnt ends for dinner tonight. The other half of the cubes will go into a pot of chili and be frozen for later in the week. 


The remaining flat I'll leave in the smoker until it's easily shredded. Once I shred it, half of it will go into the fridge, and I'll make shredded beef nachos or enchiladas later this week. The other half will go into a pot pie mix, that I'll freeze. When I'm ready to use it, I'll heat it until it's defrosted, pour it into a pyrex dish, and lay a slice of puff pastry over it. 


1 Brisket = The following foods


Beef Jerky

Burnt Ends

Pot Pie


Enchiladas or Nachos

Dog Treats

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Sounds like you have a great meal plan going.

Please, post some pics of the final results!
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I do like the way you think!
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Great plan!


Hope you have some photo's!



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