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Caribou burgers

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I lucked out and got a caribou a few weeks ago. We ended up processing the whole thing on our own and ground a bunch of it up for future use. Mixed it with approx. 15% pork trimmings and turned out awesome. Made some great caribou burgers last night out of them. Really juicy and tasty. Glad I went 15%. Enjoy the video. 




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Looks great! Nice video!

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Thanks a bunch. Yeah the caribou was a little bull but it was my first one so I'm glad I put meat in the freezer. My buddy that came out here to visit from CO ended up shooting a 52" bull moose. We ended up splitting all the meat so my chest freezers are pretty full. We'll be eating well.

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Another great video!


Once again I embedded it in your post, can't have YouTube links on here.



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Thanks Al. Sorry for screwing that up. 

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You are lucky, I did a hunt in Quebec in 2000, seems like only a few years ago... But was lucky enough to score on a couple bulls. Some of the finest venison there is,
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Yeah I'm actually thawing out some ground caribou right now. Going to make a few burgers for dinner.  

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