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Is there any experience with the Meco charcoal water smoker out there ?

Unlike many other brands I cannot find any substantive reviews online.
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Yep had one for a while many moons ago. Hard to maintain temps and not that much fun to use. I quite smoking with charcoal for 10 years after that.

If you can afford it buy yourself a WSM (Weber Smokey Mountain). Easiest charcoal smokers to use.
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Meco was my first smoker. Works ok for Hot and Fast but a bear to go low unless you are loading 6-10 lit briquettes at a time as needed. I used it a couple times and gave up smoking until my MIL bought me a Horizontal Offset. I can't agree more with Case on getting a WSM. You will spend more but they are easier to use and will last for years...JJ

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