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Electric smoker temperature

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Hi all.  So I got a Cabela's Premium Electric smoker from my friend.  Kind of old but still works good as we used it at his camp earlier this year.  So last night I plug it in just to get an idea as to how this whole thing works and wanted to see the temperature.  Nothing was inside the grill.  No bowls no nothing.  Lid was on.  Turned it to high and came back an hour later.  Thermometer showed exactly 225F.  Does this seem a bit low to you?  Or is this right where to should be?  Any thoughts?  I had it plugged into a 24 inch extension cord at 12AWG which was plugged into the side of my house outside.

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I'm not familiar with that smoker, but does it have any kind of temp controller on it?



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First off please forgive my lack of knowledge of parts and such.  It does have a thermostat cord that I can set anywhere from low to high.  There is also a small thermometer on the top of the lid.

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trusted thermometer or the one in the door? if it's in the door, I'd bet it's extremely in accurate... the one on my Weber is 50* high, an old propane one i had was 75* low, and the one in my offset that i bought separate and put in is 30* high.


a 36" 12g extension cord shouldn't be an issue and if it is, you shouldn't be plugging that smoker into a 20 amp plug.

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That smoker has a 1650 watt element in it.  At 110 volts that puts you right at 15 amps, at 120 volts it's 13.75 amps, that's pushing it on a 15 amp circuit if you're running it wide open, and even more so when you add any length to the cord.  The #12 wire should be ok, but I wouldn't run it wide open for a LONG time.


Now, like someone said above, check the grate temperature with a KNOWN GOOD thermometer.  Factory thermometers are usually terrible.  With that size element, and this time of year, you should have been hotter than 225.  However, the "thermostat" for that unit may shut off at 225...  Look in the manual and see if it shows and specs on heat.


To test a thermometer, place the tip into water that's at a full rolling boil.  It should read around 212° F (less if above sea level).

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Is tere any way I can put more juice through the lines to try and up the element temperature?

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225 is what I cook everything at.....its perfect

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I had an electric brinkman - 1200 watt element - was set to 225. My new smoker goes to 275 - I only go there last 15 mins of chicken to crisp up the skin.

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