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Reverse Smoker Build

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A 60 gallon air compressor went out at my place of business last week, so, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to build my first smoker. My question is how to create the seal around the door opening. In a lot of pictures of smokers I've seen, it looks like 1/8" thick flat bar that runs along the outer edge of the smoker door. When I tac weld my flat bar there at the top of the door, I can never get the door to fully open. Is there a trick to getting full opening ability on the door? Any help is greatly appreciated.




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Probably a problem with your hinges. Most of us use hinges where the pivot point is offset from center. This allows clearance for the bar stock seal. Just search for hinges, there are lotsa pix and drawings here.

I've working on 60 gallon one my self. Its almost done but life for in the way.

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Here are the hinges and door handles I use for my smokers.  You want the point where the hinge welds to be offset from the pivot point on the hinge. When you weld the hinge on  set the hinge as far back towards the 12 o'clock on the tank as you can. Only use 2 hinges per door not 3-4 as it makes it very difficult to line up all perfectly and will probably bind.   On the top door seal weld it on so it only just covers the door gap with the bulk of the flat bar on the door side.    You can make short notches on the door and weld the flat bar on the inside so you don't have any welds showing and just grind off any excess.  The door seals are only there to block airflow, don't go crazy with the amount of welding otherwise you will bow the door with the heat.  I make about 20mm welds every 125mm .   Hope this helps.

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