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Hello From Canada Question on Jeff's Rub

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Hello All, New here and just getting back into smoking, I started awhile ago but life seems to always have other plans and you end up being busier than you ever thought imaginable. Anyway I have sometime now to start enjoying some time with the smoker!

My question is on Jeff's Rub, I want to support the site so I more than likely will end up buying the recipe, is the rub spicy? I like a mild to hot spice but my wife and daughter do not like to much spice (or heat)


On a scale of 1 being very little heat and 5 being hot where would you all rate Jeff's Rub? 


Thanks in advance for the in put.


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Hi Jamey!


Welcome to the forum!


Jeff's rub has a little heat, but can easily be tweaked to your taste.



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Welcome to the forum!!! I would have to agree with SmokinAl on Jeff's rub. It doesn't have much heat but you can can tweak it to your liking. I have been using Jeff's rub for a long time and have only tweaked it a very small amount. It is great the way it is too.
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There are 2 recipes; regular Jeff's and TX which is hotter. I love the regular. You can always back off the heat to your liking, but my wife does not like anything hotter than ketchup and she is fine with it.
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Welcome from SC. It's good to have you on this great site. I would have to agree with the others. I use Jeff's rub and sauce and have tweaked them both to take out a little heat. The recipes are very user friendly. Get them and do what you will. I know you will like them.
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Thanks for the input guys, will order up the recipe today, started the online course yesterday

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