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Has anyone read Charcuteria?

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I ordered this book from Amazon and it arrived today. Charcuteria - the soul of spain by Jeffrey Weiss.

I was curious if anyone noticed any mistakes in the recipes for curing so that i can make a note.

Can't wait to read it. I skimmed it and its got some great photos and recipes from the look.

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Mike, generally whether it be cure #1 or #2,   2.5 grams of either per Kg is recommended...  or ~1.1 grams per pound.. 

Usually they screw up on the amount of cure....    If you can crunch numbers.....  the max. nitrite over here is ~200 Ppm for a dry rub on whole muscle....  2 weeks in the refer for adsorption..  then what ever the recipe calls for...  


There are so many variables, let us know what you think looks suspicious...


There are many members that can help you on this subject...

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Thanks Dave, from what I skimmed over this morning, the section on curing explains cure 1 and 2 very well for these recipes and references the USDA food safety inspection website.

I'm going to keep an eye out for typos and if I find any I will update this thread.
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I really enjoyed reading this book and I really like that all the curing recipes are given in percentages of the green weight of meat.

The results of one of the chorizo recipes
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