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Pork Chop question

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I read a bunch of posts and decided to try pork chops for dinner.

Put them on about a half hour ago at 275 with pecan wood.

They are nice and thick, I'd say at least 1 1/2" center cut with bone.


Ok, so here's my question.

Everything I've been smoking, I'm wrapping in foil at 170, and cooking till the IT is around 200F.


Now for pork chops, everyone's cooking them till 145 to 155 max!

What's up with that?


Is it because pork chops are leaner than the pork shoulder or beef brisket I've been cooking to 200?


Just curious I guess.  I'll smoke 'em to 155 and let them rest for 10 to 15 minutes like I read.



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Yes pork chops are lean, just like pork loin. 145 IT is done per the USDA. I wouldn't take them above that.

Many times I'll do a reverse dear on them.
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Loin Chops have next to zero fat and are low in connective tissue so unlike a Butt there is nothing there to provide moisture when well done and fall apart tender. Cooking to an IT of 145 with a rest, gives a juicy chop with a blush of pink...Yes it is perfectly safe to eat pink pork...JJ

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