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What A Score

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Two friends of mine closed their BBQ business last week. I did not ask why. They asked me if i would be interested in their chamber sealer and 300 assorted size bags.




Like new they said only used half dozen times. Just say it was sold to me for pennies on the dollar  :sausage:



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Can't beat that! Nice find!

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Holy cow!


What a score!


I have been wanting one of those forever!



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I cant wait to make some sausage and get to vac'ing

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Perfect score for a sausage master!
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My other friend who is a fabricator made me some custom SS tubes for my LEM. And some tube pushers.


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Well that really sucks! Literally... :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:


Nice score, nice tubes and pushers.


Crank up the grinder!

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Oh man! Great scores all around.  I really want a nice set of stainless steel tubes for my LEM...wouldn't mind the sealer either haha

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Nice.....   Lotto ticket time..... 

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Sweet deal!!!! Hoping you get many years of use out of it!!!

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Love that thing.  Good luck with it.

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My first chamber seal with the vp112.


I Like it....WOOO HOOO



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I wish I had friends like that. Nice score.
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