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Help with grates.

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Hello guys, Im getting ready to pull the trigger on a Yoder and I wanted to ask your opinion. Grates, the yoder bottom grates are cold rolled chrome plated bar. The upper are flattened steel mesh. 

Ive had a number of grills in my life and the second thing that always gave me fitts was the platted grates. I had a grill several decades ago with a flattened steel grate, I remember that grill fondly but it was a long time ago. Throwing those little bar grates in the dish washer is something Ill never do, so size doesn't matter :) 

Im thinking of going flattened steel all the way around, 


What do you think? 



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Hi TripleQ,

I'm in the process of getting a custom smoker built now and im using bbq grill mesh all the way through to make my smoker. But i guess it goes down to personal preference some people say that the grill mesh smokes better and some people say the stainless steel grills are the go me personally i like the mesh it allows more smoke to get through to the meat and thats what i have seen on many competition smokers before in the past.


Hope this helps your decision thanks and have a great day.



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