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Commercial Fridge Build Questions.

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Hello All, 


Newbie here.  I have acquired a commercial freezer and was thinking about turning it into a smoker.  After reading some of the posts, everyone is suggesting to removed the foam insulation. I do not want to get that deep into it.  I was brainstorming and thinking i could line the inside of the unit with wood.  Does anyone have any suggestions on that idea?  I mainly want to use it to smoke sausage.


The unit is a double door, about 7ft by 5ft.


Thanks in advance for any input. 

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I have a unit like this I'm working on. Once I took the trim out around the inside f'n the doors th inner shell slides right out. I would replace it with roxul insulation only $40ish a bag for bats. You're better off fixing it now then having to do it later. Post some pictures of what you have
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I didnt remove the foam in mine and have used it multiple times with no issues. In fact, it works great. I honestly dont forsee any issues with the foam. My last smoker was an old pull handle fridge, I didnt change the insulation in that either and used it for over 2 years with zero issues.
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I've read a lot of conflicting opinions and facts about that spray foam insulation. I had a SS commercial fridge I was going to convert but decided against it because I didn't know exactly what kind of spray foam was used. I would do some research if I were you to see if you can find out what kind the manufacturer used in yours before you commit to it. Just my 2 cents.
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