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A full smoker

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A great man once said: a full smoker is a happy smoker.

So the 5lbs butt got some company from two chickens and some butt cutlets.


Cutlets tenderized and seasoned

Chickens being seasoned

Cutlets ready first

Homegrown beans sauted with garlic

Some garlic sauce made

Great meal taken alfresco

Chickens later on ....for freezing

Butt....late in the night

Made a busy Sunday but it will make things easier for 5-6 weekday suppers.
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Fantastic pics. Really like the idea of making extra food to support the next couple days.

Oh.....and that green beans with garlic = yum

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Everything sure looks good!


I'm with Craig on the beans & garlic!


Nice job!



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Thank you fellows for looking and for compliments.

Like you said...beans were super delicious. Such a simple side yet I could eat them everyday. Too bad growing season is ending soon. The store beans are not as good.
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Great looking cook. I really hate to fire up and not have a full load. We love our left overs.
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Everything looks great.    I will fire up my smoker for 2 burgers, I aint scared.

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Tasty looking smoked goodness!
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Looks Wonderful! Great Pics

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Nice smoke, I love having extra food for future meals.


Looks really tasty!

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There is so much food there you may need help eating. As a fellow Canadian I would be happy to help!



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Come on over...just in time for the hockey World cup final.
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Awesome smoke!  points1.png



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