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Pork tenderloin smoke

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I am currently attempting my first ever smoke. I have a vertical barrel charcoal smoker. Chamber temp was last I checked about 215 degrees. Been that way a couple hours now. I just added some more charcoal and chips to bring the temp back up. It cooled of to around 175. I put a dry rub on and it's been smoking a total of abou 3.5 hours. Internal temp is about 120. Any suggestions on bring the internal temp up so I can get it done. It smells fantastic. I'm using a mi of hickory and apple. Thanks in advance. I forgot to take a befor pic but her is what it looks like from last temp reading.
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Did you cure this first? You are in dangerous territory here because to be safe you should get from 40-140 in 4 hours... I know you want smoke but I would put it in a hot oven maybe wrapped... this maybe an eat at your own risk type of thing
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I took it off at bout the 4hour and 15 min mark andit was 143 I finished it off in the oven
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Oh great! How'd it turn out?
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Smells fantastic, haven't gotten to the eating yet, kids got grumpy so Made them somthing else to eat airing for them to get to sleep now so I can enjoy.
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Haha... I just pulled some ribs early because the wife is complaining she was hungry. It was too early by 6-8 degrees. Not terrible, but not what I like texture wise
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Sorry for all the typos in this thread. I am typing on my phone, and auto correct is not always my friend.
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Tasted fantastic. I think I will be turning this one into pulled BBQ. Wife now has the house melting of apples, she is making apple sauce and apple butter. I think I will try again with one of the other tenderloins we have in the freezer or possible a Boston roast if I find on on sale. I think I know how to start it off at a higher temp for next time, to correct any errors I may have done this time.
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Sounds great
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It looks great, but that is the biggest tenderloin I have ever seen.

It looks more like a loin, but even then they are usually round.

Anyhow I'm glad it tasted good!



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