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hard to believe that i have had my smoker for a few years and this is only my second time doing ribs, and while they were not perfect they were good and as always i learned a few things for next time.



I seasoned them on Wednesday of last week thinking i would cook them Friday but did not have time so they sat in the fridge wrapped in foil for 4 days and Today i re-seasoned and cooked them.  i ran out of foil so they never got wrapped during the cook (i did my best to them moist with apple juice) and they just rested not very long on the counter. I feel like i might have put a little to much rub on them but over all they were good and moist and had lots of flavor.


seasoning was a sweet and smokey by grill mates, Its very good but if you put on to much its gets a bit spicier than i like. And cherry was as always( when i dont have dry apple or maple lol) the choice of wood and we had macaroni salad with it.











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Looks tasty,I always forget about macaroni salad.
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Great looking ribs!
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Those are some really good looking ribs!


Looks like a tasty meal!



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Awesome looking ribs. They really look juicy and that's a great smoke ring.
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