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Philco fridge build

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New guy here, have been debating building a smoker for awhile so I gave it a whirl.

I picked up the fridge for 30$ on Craigslist and got started.

Components include:
Bradley universal smoke generator
MYPIN T series PID
Two 1000w hot plate elements

Photos attached. Progress was as follows:
Gut fridge
Replace plastic with 14guage polished SS
Cut fit and weld old oven racks and brackets
Install smoke generator and elements
Build custom lower storage
Install new gaskets

I still need to fab up a chimney but at this point I can go from 70 degrees to 250 in about 22 minutes with an outside air temp of 70 degrees. Haven't ran the smoke yet without the chimney but everything else is working good to this point.

I got a bit of inspiration from others photos/builds so I thought I'd like to contribute. Total build was around 20-30 hours.

Thanks for all the inspiration!
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That looks very nice!

Tabbed in.
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To date I've done most of my smoking on my Webber kettle. I just enjoy building stuff.

I'm waiting on my buddy to come through with the chimney pipe this week but itching to run this thing. Not sure if anyone ever tried this but needing a use for it I have the heat set to 95 with a water pan and am currently proofing pizza dough in it. Got me thinking "smoke/proofing" pizza dough may lead to some interesting crust flavors... May have to try this.
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Cool build!

Not sure where you're going to put your exhaust, but out the back at the highest point would be best. Condensation can form in the chimney if top vented and then you get dirty drippings on whatever you are smoking .
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The white plate in back is being replaced with stainless and I will pass the chimney through there. Might not get all the way to the top so I hope that won't be an issue.

My only concern is that the Bradley unit won't let enough air through. I haven't made a fresh air intake yet as I would like to see how well it does without. Unless anyone else thinks I'll need one for sure?
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I went with the SS plate too. It is a couple of inches down, but doesn't seem to be an issue. As far as a fresh air intake. it will probably put one in now. you can put a valve on it to control the air intake. Great job on the Build.

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Nice looking fridge you have there.

I got the chimney in as stated and went ahead and plumbed in a 1" line with valve as well got the silicon on everything and am looking forward to pushing some smoke through it tomorrow.

Curious about seasoning the fridge. How long should I smoke it? High temps?

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Well I seasoned the fridge this morning and everything seems to be in working order. I smoked a rack of BB ribs this afternoon and it worked flawlessly. Smoker held temp within a few degrees of target for 4 hours. I'm actually quite impressed with the smoke that the Bradley unit puts out. I know the pucks are expensive but the taste I got from it was very good.

I would have taken a photo of the ribs but when I came back in the house my wife was already eating them off of the kitchen counter.

Putting it through its paces now, I have a 9# butt going on to see how it holds up through the night.

Glad I found this site and all the good info everyone has. Can't wait to try my hand at sausage making.
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