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Hello Everybody

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I am new as of a few minutes ago, have been looking around for a couple weeks now and finally decided to join. I am planning to build my first smoker starting this fall. I have a couple of air compressor tanks I have acquired to use, an 80 and a 100 gallon I believe. my plan is to build a Reverse Flow offset smoker. I have never smoked before so it is all a new adventure to me. I look forward to sharing my build and getting a lot of useful advice along the way hopefully.


A little about me: I live in a small town in southwest Michigan. We grow a lot of our own vegetables and have a diverse flock of poultry. We have a few breeds of egg laying chickens and meat chickens, a couple different breeds of turkeys, ducks, and we raise quail for eggs and meat.


I am an avid hunter and fisherman as well.

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Welcome to the forum!


Looking forward to seeing your build!



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