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Ribs Figured Out - Maybe

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Hi all - I mentioned in my roll call introduction that I have been having trouble with my ribs coming out.  The texture, tenderness, pull off the bone seem good but they always have an odd flavor to them.  I think I might have them figured out.  The ribs I have been buying have been Hormel from Jewel,,. with 12% salt and other undesirables.  After a lot of Googling maybe this is the problem.  The meat just seems a little too pinkish all the way through and maybe "hammy".  And of course not knowing any better I used salt in my rub so they were probably way too salty.


Here are my latest specs:


Pellet grill using apple wood set at 235

2 hours unwrapped

1 1/2 hours wrapped

20 mins or so unwrapped with sauce


So, bought some ribs at Sam's Club today which I think is not packaged and soaking in any "enhancements".


We will see, a slab in on the smoker now.


--- Ron

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Let us know! And post pix!

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How did your ribs turn out?



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Sounds like a good plan! B

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To keep things consistent, I made the ribs using the same techniques as I have been.  Same wood, times, temp, foil, etc. only difference being the ribs were "non-enhanced".


Wow - big difference.  Using the "non-enhanced" ribs were much much better.  Actually tasted like ribs this time instead of that "off" flavor.


Now I'm kind of excited to see how else they can be improved.


My pics aren't the greatest but I attached a few.





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Great looking ribs - meat pulling back off the bones, etc. etc.

Were these back loin ribs or St. Louis cut spares?

The cooking/wrapping times you used and the middle picture especially look like back loins but the amount of meat on the cut rib reminds me more of spare ribs.

Whatever they were you nailed 'em..............

Way to go................

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Awesome! Point for those bones!  Brian

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Looks like you got it!!! :points:

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Nice job, that's one good looking rib!



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Ribs look great! Nice smoke!
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